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Health benefits of yogurt

Health benefits of yogurt; It is not clear exactly how yoghurt, one of the most important foods discovered by Turkish culture, was obtained for the first time and how it took its place on the tables. Yogurt, which traveled from Central Asia to Anatolia as a part of our culture, became famous in Europe when it was cured by the king of France in the 16th century. While yoghurt was consumed as food in us, it was a medicine in Europe. Yogurt started to be known in America about 50 years ago.

Yogurt, which is a panacea and has an important place in diets, is a source of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional value is much higher than milk. In fact, yogurt has been studied by Japanese scientists and has been found to prevent radioactivity diseases.

Here are the health benefits of this miraculous food

Yogurt has various properties that can help with weight management. Yogurt is very high in protein and can improve your overall diet. The resulting studies of scientists allow us to learn new information about yogurt every day. In addition to the vitamins and minerals it contains, we now know that it is extremely useful in weight control. The fat accumulated around the waist has effects far beyond the concern of beauty. Especially the fact that they accumulate in this region; It may indicate diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep them under control. Thanks to the healthy bacteria it contains, yogurt not only activates your intestinal system, but also strengthens your immune system.

– Add yoghurt to your diet

Researchers examined the rate of fat lost from waist circumference of those who consumed yoghurt three times a day and those who did not. According to this, it has been determined that those who consume yogurt for three meals a day burn 81 percent more fat.

– Yogurt is like a natural vitamin supplement

I don’t know which one to start with! In general, one serving of yogurt is a significant source of potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc and vitamin B5. In addition, it contains B12, which helps the nervous system function properly and maintains the production of red blood cells. Let’s add calcium to this list too! It has been proven that calcium prevents osteoporosis.

– Keeps your blood sugar under control

Studies have shown that the fat in yogurt; showed that it causes better absorption of vitamins A, D and some nutrients from yogurt. In addition, the fat in yogurt plays a helpful role in blood sugar control by balancing the lactose from the acid.

– Let’s not forget its blood pressure lowering effect

Compared to people, it has been shown to be 54 percent less likely to develop hypertension.

– Protects heart health

Regardless of fat content, yogurt, “good” increases HDL cholesterol and blood It benefits heart health by reducing pressure

– Effective against osteoporosis

Yogurt is rich in vitamins and minerals that also play a key role in bone health.

– Consume yogurt for a strong immune system

Consuming yogurt regularly strengthens your immune system and reduces your chances of getting the disease. Probiotics have been shown to reduce inflammation associated with a variety of health conditions, from viral infections to intestinal disorders.

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