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High heels cause back pain

In Japan, one out of every 10 companies requires women to wear high heels, because the Japanese dress code requires heels. The legal battle of the receptionist woman, who was sent to her home without working hours because she did not wear high heels, continues. Feeling good comes first among the excuses for interest in high heels. Well, how healthy are high-heeled shoes that never fall on the agenda of women, experts discuss this. Burtom Konur Surgical Medical Center Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Hüseyin Avni Çöl said that shoes have an important role in low back pain and high-heeled shoes increase back pain.

It affects the work force

In studies conducted in the USA, it is stated that one out of every 4 people experience low back pain. In a study conducted in Turkey, it is stated that 4 out of 10 young people who start university have low back pain. In another study conducted in Canada, it is stated that the lifetime probability of low back pain is 100 percent. In other words, everyone experiences back pain at least once in their lifetime. About one third of those who have had low back pain once experience low back pain attacks again, and about half of these patients have to go to the doctor. Those who experience back pain more than twice are three times more likely to experience low back pain within a year. While low back pain disrupts the work life of some patients, their family and social lives can be seriously affected by this event. When considered on a national scale, low back pain causes serious loss of workforce and economic loss.

Many factors such as excessive weight, heavy physical activity, heavy work, faulty exercise cause an increase in the load on the waist and cause pain. Wear, tear and deformation of the disc and ligaments as a result of aging can cause low back pain. In addition, people who do heavy work and people who are overweight may experience similar wear and tear. Likewise, lumbar sprain can also cause low back pain. In addition, rheumatic diseases, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and brucella, and internal organ disorders can also cause low back pain.

High-heeled shoes cause low back pain

If there is no apparent disease, sadness and stress are the leading causes of low back pain. Stating that sadness and stress affect the back health negatively, therefore, mental health should be taken care of, Specialist Dr. Hüseyin Avni Çöl, said, “If necessary, help should be sought from relevant experts in order to solve problems in family, social or business life” .

Stating that high-heeled shoes play an important role in low back pain, Çöl said, “Soft heels should be preferred because of the cushion effect on the spine and joints. High-heeled shoes should not be worn. There will be an increase in the loads on the vertebrae. This can increase back pain,” said. Desert continued his words as follows, “In low back pain, the cause of the pain should be revealed first and an accurate diagnosis should be made. Treatment should be started without losing time. Treatment can be examined under two main headings as preventive-non-surgical (conservative) and surgical treatment. If there is a definite need for surgery, the relevant branch specialist should be consulted without wasting time” .

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