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High heels cause knee and back pain

Stating that shoes that are not suitable for the foot can cause deformation in the foot, Prof. Dr. Behiç Tanıl Esemenli stated that he prefers inappropriate shoes, especially since women do not want to give up their elegance. Emphasizing that the most important feature of the shoes is that they fit the feet, Esemenli said, “We wear uncomfortable shoes not to make our feet comfortable, but to camouflage them, to make the height and legs look longer”

The most important feature is comfort

Pointing out that the most important feature that people should pay attention to when choosing shoes is the comfort of shoes, Prof. Dr. Behiç Tanıl Esemenli, ” It is very important that we prefer soft-soled sandals to protect our feet from the ground with the warmth factor. Especially in childhood, small shoes are worn to keep children’s feet small. However, shoes have only one function. It is to protect one’s feet from the danger on the ground. The ideal shoes for a normal foot are soft, comfortable shoes that do not tighten or damage the foot.” used the expressions.

High heel causes postural disorder

Esemenli , who argues that high heels, which are especially preferred by women, can cause posture disorders, “A high heel disrupts one’s balance and posture. Ankle sprains, subsequent fractures, low back pain, knee pain. The higher the heel, the downhill your posture. This causes some changes in the pelvis and overloads the lumbar region. As a result, knee and lower back pains occur. It looks nice, but it has a cost” .

Narrow shoes cause calluses

Esemenli stated that calluses on the feet are known as a disease by everyone, and said that calluses are actually a very simple symptom.

Specialist doctor, he thinks it’s an understatement. But callus is very simple. It is the thickening of the skin between two hard objects and the self-protection mechanism of the remaining skin. Most causes of calluses are narrow shoes. The rubbing of the toes is the thickening of the skin trapped between the shoe and the bone. If you have bumps or calluses somewhere on your foot, then the problem is in your shoes rather than your feet. Because everyone’s feet are different, but shoes are fabricated” .

Stating that diabetics may experience major problems with uncomfortable shoes because they do not feel pain, Esemenli continued as follows:

He doesn’t feel the kick of the shoe either. Afterwards, he encounters a wound on his foot. Even doctors sometimes call it vascular disruption, but most of them are puncture wounds. A love of stylish shoes can go as far as loss of foot. Despite these, these shoes are still being worn, there is such a culture and this continues. it does.”


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