The biggest problem of women is swollen fingers in the summer heat. This can become a big problem if you are also wearing a ring, but we have prepared 4 tips to prevent your fingers from swelling. Here are 4 tips to help with heat swollen fingers.

1- Massage your fingers

Swelling of extremities such as hands and fingers due to water retention is common in summer. So-called edema occurs because our blood vessels dilate at high temperatures and blood circulates more slowly. In this way, our veins lose their mobility. This means that more fluid can penetrate the surrounding tissue. Good news; We can effectively counter this with some home remedies. The best way to prevent water retention is to exercise. Because this stimulates blood circulation and the stored fluid can be drained better. Massage your fingers by applying light pressure from fingertips to palms.

2- Cooling the fingers

In addition to finger massage, cooling the fingers also works wonders. Because cold is known to help against swelling. This is because it causes the blood vessels to constrict, which means reduced blood circulation. Place a handful of ice cubes on a clean towel and cool your fingers or run them under cold running water.

3- Consume less salt

Many people do not realize that diet also plays an important role in water retention. Eating too much salt, for example 8 grams of salt, contributes to the development of edema, as it binds to approximately one liter of water in the body. Apart from that, high salt consumption increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by forcing our kidneys and causing high blood pressure. For this reason, we should not exceed 6 grams of salt per day recommended by the German Nutrition Association. However, we should not eat too little salt in the summer. Because we need it to compensate for electrolyte loss through sweating.

4- Avoid the sun

If possible, always find a shady spot. It’s not just for your swollen fingers. You are doing something good for your whole body. Because even though most people find the sun pleasant, our heat circulation can be a real stress test for our skin and cells. Among other things, heat can dilate blood vessels, causing the fingers to thicken. If you still decide to sunbathe heavily, don’t forget your sunscreen and make sure you drink enough water.

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