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How do we protect our eye health?

Adjust your computer screen light

If you spend a lot of time on the computer in your work or school life, blue light can damage your eyes. To avoid this situation, you need to adjust your screen brightness. Dim your screen brightness and protect your eyes from high brightness damage.

Blue light glasses

The phone you are exposed to all day long Use protective glasses with blue filter lenses to protect your eyes from the blue light of devices such as computers, tablets and computers.

Blink your eye

If there is an air conditioner in your office, your eyes may be dry. Be sure to blink your eyes while looking at the screen to avoid dry eyes. In this way, your eye surface will remain moist.

Break every half hour

If you are exposed to the screen for a long time, you should definitely take a break. When you take a break, shift your eye focus to other points, look away for about 20 seconds. When you follow these steps, your eye spasm will develop and you will prevent the occurrence of headaches.

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