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How is cold baklava made? What is cold baklava? The trick of cold baklava…

Cold baklava, which has been added to Turkish cuisines later, has been the focus of taste hunters since it entered our lives. While some of them went with the classic baklava, others loved the cold baklava. We have come up with a recipe that will make even those who do not prefer cold baklava addicted. Moreover, his horseman, Dinçer Acar, gave the clue in the preparation of cold baklava. So how to make cold baklava?

One of the delicious types of baklava, which has many varieties, was cold baklava. Baklava, the most well-known Turkish dessert, is now also consumed cold. Cold baklava, which entered Turkish cuisine about 1.5 years ago, is also preferred because it is lighter. Explaining that cold baklava is a great taste, master Dinçer Acar said that customers show great demand for this baklava. Stating that they have been dealing with the food business for more than 30 years, Acar said, “We found very new flavors. But cold baklava soon became popular. It surpassed other products,” he said. Pointing out that the difference in cold baklava is in its syrup, Acar said, “The sherbet of normal baklava is made from water and sugar. Milk and sugar are used in cold baklava. Water never enters it. The dough layers are less. In normal baklava, the dough is 15-20 layers, while cold baklava uses less. “he said.

Dinçer Acar said that cold baklava is cooked at approximately 180 degrees after it is placed on the tray like normal baklava, and that the cooking time is half an hour. Explaining that baklava, which is poured with milk syrup after cooking, needs to be rested, Acar noted that they add flavor to the dessert by decorating it in different ways. Stating that they can knead the dough with chocolate, Acar said:

  • “We decorate the top with powdered sugar, chocolate and peanuts. After resting for about 2 hours, we offer it to our customers. It is in great demand. Chocolate lovers prefer the chocolate one. We knead its dough with chocolate. We use chocolate instead of peanuts and walnuts.”



Half a kilo of phyllo dough
4 tablespoons of ground peanuts
180 grams of Butter

For sherbet;

3 cups of milk
3 cups granulated sugar


Grease the tray with butter.

Divide the half-pound baklava phyllo in half and put the first part of the baklava phyllo under the tray, pour the fresh peanuts on top.

Put the remaining baklava phyllo on the tray. Distribute the melted butter evenly over the baklava. Then cut the baklava into slices and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown.

Take the milk on the stove and add the sugar. Boil the milk until the sugar dissolves.

When the baklava is completely cooked, take it out of the oven and pour the milk syrup you prepared on it.

When the baklava has prepared syrup, grate chocolate on it and keep it in the fridge for two hours and serve.

Enjoy your meal…

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