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How is yogurt vaccine made? Hatay’s famous yogurt vaccine soup recipe

Yoghurt vaccine soup is one of the local dishes of Hatay. Yoghurt vaccine soup, which is unique to Hatay, is now hosted on city tables. Your children will also like the yoghurt vaccine soup special for women who want to enrich their tables with different soup recipes.

No one can say no to the hot soup that comes to our tables and relieves the tiredness of the day. Today we come to you with a local soup recipe. We are ready to leave an unforgettable taste on the palate with the yoghurt vaccine soup of our Hatay province. Yogurt vaccine soup, which has crossed borders with its taste, has been carried from past generations to today’s tables. Yogurt vaccine soup, which draws attention with its preparation and ingredients, will be among your choices. Yogurt vaccine soup, which is consumed with love from 7 to 70, is among the healthy soups. Yogurt vaccine soup that you will drink with your children with peace of mind; It comes together with healthy ingredients such as minced meat, rice, chickpeas and yoghurt. Let’s move on to our recipe for the yoghurt vaccine soup unique to Hatay, which is prepared in 30 minutes.

Yogurt vaccine soup



2 tablespoons of salted yogurt
1/2 teaspoon of rice
5 glasses of water

For the meatballs;

125 grams of ground beef
1/4 cup of water
20 grams of meatballs
100 grams of tallow
1 tablespoon of dried mint
1 tablespoon of red pepper

For the above;

1 teaspoon dried mint
; 1 teaspoon of butter



For the meatballs, take the meatball mortar, water and ground beef in a bowl and knead.

Grind the tallow with dried mint and red pepper or pound it in a mortar.

Take a walnut-sized piece from the meatball mortar you prepared.

With the help of your little finger, fill the insides of these meatballs with greasy mortar with the help of a spoon and play as if making stuffed meatballs.

Then close the mouth of the meatballs and give a shuttle shape.

yoghurt vaccine soup

Take 5 glasses of water in a pot.

When the water boils, add the washed rice.

Then add the salted yogurt and continue cooking for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

After this process is completed, take the butter and melt it in a pan, add the dried mint and lightly heat the oil.

Transfer the mint oil to the pan and mix. Then you can serve your soup hot and consume it.

Enjoy your meal…

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