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How to clean the genital area

Genital area cleaning is an extremely important issue in terms of both health and cosmetics. Due to the structure of this area, if hygiene is not provided well, it brings along unwanted problems such as itching, burning, stinging and odor. We have researched the genital area cleaning that you should pay attention to.

Prefer cotton underwear

The way to reduce sweating is cotton underwear, not synthetic underwear. In this way, your genital area can breathe. Also, avoid wearing too tight clothes for the health of your genital area.

Keep dry

You need to dry very well after bathing, you can even use a blow dryer with a tip. In this way, you will get rid of some infections and bacteria. Also, as it is known, summer is coming, staying in wet swimsuits for a long time will increase the risk of infection, so it is useful to take at least 2 dry swimsuits with you.

Do not use soap in the bathroom

Soaps disrupt the flora of your genital area and increase the number of some microorganisms, especially fungal infections. Therefore, wash your external genital area only with water while taking a bath. But do not spray pressurized water on the inside of the vaginal area to clean it. Because the decrease in the number of protective-beneficial ‘Döderlein’ bacilli here and the increase in vaginal PH pave the way for opportunistic infections.

What is dried after toilet

It is important to clean that area with water after urination or stool. Cleaning should always be done from front to back. However, a good drying should be done with soft, odorless and white colored toilet papers after the toilet so that the area does not remain damp.

Wash your genital area with plenty of water after sexual intercourse

Semen, sweat and body secretions from the genital area after sexual intercourse prepare a suitable environment for bacterial colonization. Therefore, after every intercourse or masturbation, the external genital area should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water or genital area cleaners.

Genital area shaving is important

Genital shaving can be achieved with razor, wax, depilatory or nowadays laser epilation technologies. Removing the hairs before they grow too long both provides protection against infections and prevents genital odors due to perspiration.

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