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How to make black lentil soup? Tricks of black lightning soup

Known for its lightning-like benefits in terms of vitamins and minerals, black lentils actually gets its name from here. The easiest recipe for black lentil soup, which is often recommended by experts, is in our article today. You should definitely check out our article, which you can find with the tips.

Lentils are legumes that are generally used in cooking. It contains rich starch and vegetable proteins. Its grains are dried and used as dry legumes, and the green parts are used as animal feed. Thanks to the nitrogen and ferrous minerals it contains, it is highly nutritious. Black lentils are legumes that are enjoyed in all seasons. Black lentils, which have a special place in Turkish cuisine, contain high levels of complex carbohydrates. Black lentils, which are a rich source of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron minerals, are also rich in folic acid and B group vitamins. Black lentils, which are made into soups and meals, have been cooked for many years. Today we are giving you the recipe of black lentil soup, also known as black lightning.



2 cups black lentils
4-5 glasses of water
1 tablespoon of flour
Half a tablespoon of tomato paste
2 tablespoons of butter
Black pepper


First, boil the lentils in water.

Pour the water of the boiling lentils and put them in the pressure cooker.

Add water and salt to it and cook for half an hour.

While continuing to boil over low heat, melt the butter in a separate pan.

Add flour and tomato paste and fry. Add the mixture into the soup.

While adding, stir the soup with a spoon.

After boiling for another 5 minutes, you can serve.

Enjoy your meal…

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