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How to make buckwheat crackers that drive the palate crazy? Chocolate buckwheat puffs recipe

We are here with a dessert recipe that is ready to crack the palate with a chocolate feast. “Chocolate buckwheat flakes”, which are quite delicious and made from buckwheat flakes, are a complete protein nest. This being the case, chocolate buckwheat puffs are perfect for those looking for a quick and easy taste. So, how to make chocolate buckwheat crackers that crack the palate with their taste?

Buckwheat crackers, which have become the most popular food of recent times, have become one of the most consumed products with their health benefits. Dessert lovers who want to evaluate this situation thought about how to make the buckwheat crackers more efficient and created a flavor that would crack the palate. Chocolate buckwheat crackers ; It has become a flavor that should be tried by those who are on a diet, who care about their health and who are looking for different tastes. Buckwheat, which is the main ingredient in it; It managed to attract attention with its gluten-free, cancer-protective and low-fat content. Well, if you want to turn buckwheat into dessert, take a look at how to make Chocolate buckwheat puffs recipe!

Chocolate buckwheat crackers

RECIPES OF CHOCOLATE buckwheat flakes


2 buckwheat puffs
2 packs of dark chocolate

Chocolate buckwheat puffs


Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie.

Dip the buckwheat flakes in dark chocolate and stack them on top of each other and place on a plate.

How to make chocolate buckwheat puffs

Sprinkle coconut on top if desired and put in the freezer.

Chocolate buckwheat puffs

After resting for half an hour, you can consume it with walnut pieces.

Enjoy your meal…

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