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How to make dragon fruit mango? Cold drink made with the tropical breeze of dragon fruit

We are here with the cold dragon fruit mango recipe, which meets the refreshing taste of dragon fruit and is the savior of summer months. Dragon fruit mango, one of Starbucks’ most frequently consumed beverages, is also very easy with its ingredients. This tropical flavor, also known as dragon fruit, leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate when it meets with mango. So how to make dragon fruit mango?

How about a cold drink that you can enjoy all year long? Moreover, what if we told you that you can easily make a flavor that is among the most frequently consumed drinks of Starbucks at home? Drawing attention with its refreshing taste, dragon fruit mango is a delicious drink that you can prepare in 4 minutes with 5 ingredients. Dragon fruit powder gives the drink a pink color, while lemonade ice adds extra tropical fruit flavor to dragon fruit mango. So, what are the necessary materials to make this very practical combination at home? Let’s try the delicious dragon fruit mango where you can pamper yourself while your money is in your pocket.

dragon fruit mango



¾ cup lemonade
¼ cup of white grape juice
2 tablespoons of 100% mango juice
1 teaspoon freeze dried dragon fruit powder

dragon fruit mango


Whisk dragon fruit powder and grape juice until dissolved. (Make sure to let the powder dissolve completely. It may take a few minutes)

Fill a glass halfway with ice and optionally chopped dragon fruit.

Pour in the dragon fruit powder mixture.

later on Add ngo juice.

Pour the lemonade into the mixture.

Mix well and add a spoonful of optionally chopped dragon fruit. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Enjoy your meal…

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