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How to make fried macaroni? Very easy to make pasta fries

Do you always eat pasta, which is one of the most practical meals, in the same way? Here is an excellent recipe for fried pasta that we have researched for you and will only take you 15 minutes…

Fried Pasta, Extremely easy and practical to prepare, fried pasta can be prepared easily even by children who are keen on making pasta. Bring a different flavor to your tables with fried pasta. We couldn’t help but share with you the recipe for fried pasta, which is often prepared by working ladies for their children. To prepare the pasta browning, you must first boil the pasta in hot water. For this reason, you can complete the frying process in a very short time and serve it hot immediately. Let’s prepare the pasta fry recipe together:



250 grams of ring pasta

One chicken stock bouillon

a tablespoon of butter

a teaspoon of basil

First, empty your pasta in the pan, then add the butter and fry the pasta.

After the pasta turns slightly pink, pour 5 glasses of water.

Then add the bouillon and basil and let it cook.

If you wish, you can make garlic sauce on the side.

Add 2 cloves of crushed garlic to a bowl of yogurt.

Then you can add a pinch of mint and basil and pour it over your pasta for a unique flavor.

Enjoy your meal…

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