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How to make head trotter soup at home? How to iron and clean the head? The easiest headband

One of the indispensable soups of Eid al-Adha, kelle trotters say that it should be consumed by many experts for those who want to stay young and vigorous. However, we have prepared an article that will guide those who will make head trotter soup for the first time at home. How to iron and clean the head? What is the practical recipe of head trotter soup? Those who are curious about all these can review our article.

With the approach of the winter season and the sudden drop in air temperatures, diseases came to the door. The demand for the head and foot soup, which is a cure for diseases and a source of healing for the immune system, has also increased. Prof. dr. Experts also suggest that the head and trotter soup recommended by Canan Karatay and her experts should be drunk abundantly. As such, those who hear the benefits of trotter soup are astonishing. If you don’t want to lose your energy and health, you should take a look at the head trotter recipe we prepared!


  • Trotter soup is a soup that cleans bacteria and infection in the body.
  • If consumed with lemon, garlic and vinegar, it creates a full antibiotic effect.
  • If you are entering the periods when you need to use antibiotics frequently, you can consume trotter soup regularly.

  • When you feel tired, you should definitely drink trotter soup. Because this soup will give you the energy you need during the day.
  • It should be consumed not only to look young, but also in case of cell damage. It will heal those who suffer from injuries, fractures, cracks and tissue damage in a short time.
  • It is recommended that you regularly drink trotter soup to protect eye health and have a better vision.

  • If your blood values ​​are low in the last blood test, you should definitely start drinking trotter soup. Thanks to this soup, which is rich in B vitamins, protein, collagen, antioxidant minerals, your blood values ​​will increase.


It is recommended to consume every food in moderation for a healthy diet and body. Consuming too much of even the most beneficial food will cause health problems. It is recommended that you drink trotter soup regularly and in moderation. Consumption of not exceeding 1 portion during the day, especially in the morning, will be for your health. Excessive consumption of trotter soup causes lubrication. If you frequently consume trotter soup, you will increase the risk of clogging of the veins.


Head trotter soup; It is a light liquid meat piece meal made from the cut head (head) and foot (leg) parts of small and bovine animals. Since it contains a lot of cartilage in both the feet and the head, it increases the collagen production of the body and keeps it young and dynamic. In fact, actress and model Çağla Şıkel explained in a statement that the secret of youth and the reason for her skin to be wrinkle-free was due to the head and leg soup she drank every morning. If you want to cook head trotter soup at home, which is so useful and recommended by experts, you need to pay attention to its cleanliness and tricks.

how to iron the head


  • Put the head on the iron bar and iron it under the hot fire so that all the hairs are removed.
  • Then scrape it well with a knife. Repeat this process until there are no hairs left on the head. To remove the hairs from the ear, heat the skewer wires over the fire and press them.
  • After the ironing process is finished, put the water in a large bucket or basin and leave the heads in it for at least 1 hour.
  • The longer you wait, the easier it will be to clean those burnt spots on it.
  • After the soaking process is finished, you can proceed to the washing process. You can clean the fluff and soot by rubbing with unused steel wool.

how to make a kelp

Then split the head in half with a large ax or a cleaver. After washing it well, you can separate as much as you can eat and place the rest in the freezer with bags if you want.



4 fine garlic
1.5 tablespoons of flour
Half a glass of vinegar
Half a teaspoon of lemon juice
1 lamb’s head
1 piece of calf’s feet

how to make head trotter soup


First of all, since the sheep’s head is oily, put it in water overnight and change the water 4 times at intervals until it turns white.

Note:If you bought the head from the butcher, you can shoot the head with the nose down to get the dirt inside.

After washing it well, boil the head and feet for 1 hour with 1.5 liters of water in a pressure cooker.

Boil for 1 more hour after hearing the whistle. After the head is boiled, pour it on the tray and separate the bones and meat.

tips for making headbands

Shred the meat and set it aside. Fry the flour well in the pan. Add 1 glass of water and mix it. Crush the lumped flour with a strainer to make it smooth.

Add the water in which the head was boiled to this mixture, bring it to a boil and add the salt.

Remove the foam that rises on it while it is boiling, with the help of a spoon and throw it away.

To prepare the sauce; Crush the garlic and mix it with vinegar. You can add lemon too.

Enjoy your meal…

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