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How to make macaroni pastry? Making macaroni pastry step by step

Pasta pastry is one of the most popular pastries of recent times. Pasta pastry, which is curious and frequently searched by those who hear, is everyone’s favorite with its preparation and ease. If you are one of those who have heard and researched about pasta pastry, you should take a look at this recipe of pasta pastry. So how to make macaroni pastry? Here are the details…

Pasta pastry, which many of us have not even heard of, has become a favorite of recent times. Pasta pastry, the recipe of which is on the list of the most searched, is amazing with its taste. Pasta pastry, which is easy and practical, also provides a lot of benefits with the ingredients in it. The combination of pasta, which is high in protein, with other products leaves an unforgettable taste in the mouth. Pasta pastry, which also keeps you full and can be considered as a hot starter, has the feature of keeping you full even when consumed alone. For the interior mortar, you can prepare it as you wish and shape the recipe with the most suitable ingredients for your taste. So how to make macaroni pastry?

macaroni pastry



5 phyllo dough
Half a pack of butterfly pasta

For the sauce;

1 glass of water Milk
2 eggs
Half a glass of oil

For internal mortar;

150 grams of semi-skimmed feta cheese

Pasta Pastry


First, boil the pasta in water for 6-7 minutes and then drain it.

Then, mix milk, egg and oil in a bowl for the sauce.

Get a tray to lay the pastry on the tray.

Line the tray with greaseproof paper.

Place one of the phyllo in the tray. The point you need to pay attention to here is that the excess of the phyllo should hang over the edges of the tray.

Drizzle the liquid mixture you have prepared on the phyllo dough.

Place the second phyllo on the tray with a curved shape and pour the liquid mixture between them.

Then pour all the boiled pasta over the phyllo dough.

Place the 3rd phyllo on top of the pasta in a curved shape.

Spread the sauce over the pastry with the help of a brush.

Then drizzle the cheese and parsley mixture.

Cover the 4th yufka over the cheeses and drizzle the sauce all over.

Cover the 5th phyllo which is the last phyllo.

Cover the rest next to the tray.

Slice the pastry into squares of the size you want and pour all the remaining sauce over the pastry.

Bake our pastry in the oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes until it is nicely browned.

You can serve the cooked pastry as you wish.

Enjoy your meal…

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