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How to make orange peel oil? Dr. From Feridun Kunak: Cure recipe that ends constipation

Orange peel oil, which has been used in alternative medicine for centuries, is the most natural remedy for many diseases. Oranges contain both vitamin D and are a strong source of fiber. In this way, it has a positive contribution to human health from intestines to immunity. Doctor Feridun Kunak gave tips on preparing and using this miracle cure. How to make orange peel oil? What does orange peel oil do?

Miraculous mixtures were actually prepared centuries ago for increasing diseases today. Doctor Feridun Kunak brings to light these mixtures, which naturally restore the body’s mechanism. This week, orange peel oil and its benefits were among the useful information given to its viewers on Kanal 7 screens every Saturday at 13:30. Kunak, who gave the recipe, explained one by one how and what it should be used for. He underlined that orange peels, which are a powerful vitamin store, contain both vitamin D and fiber. These two active ingredients can provide multiple benefits for body health. In addition, the monoteroenes in the orange peels prevent the cells from rapidly renewing and deforming.


Thoroughly wash 3 medium-sized oranges. Take the white parts inside and peel the skins off. Put the shells in a 2-liter glass jar. Pour 1 liter of olive oil on it. Then pass the mixture through the blender. Keep this mixture in a cool place. Shake before use. Those who want to use it directly as oil can decorate and consume after a day. However, do not throw away the pulp, you can also consume the pulp.

orange peel oil


  • When you add ginger and consume it without straining, it ensures the renewal of the digestive system. It provides softening from the esophagus to the stomach, including the intestines. It is a miracle remedy for those with severe constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. It is recommended to consume a spoonful every day on an empty stomach.
  • It is recommended that people who have severe back or joint pain apply a hot water bag compress to the area, apply a teaspoon of this mixture to the area and wrap them with a towel.
  • Since it is a very powerful cell regenerator, it is also beneficial to apply it to the hair an hour before entering the bath. It strengthens the cells in the roots of the hair. It gives shine to the hair. It prevents spillage and wear.
  • It provides rapid regeneration of the dermis layer in the skin. It provides healing of areas such as cellulite or stretch marks.
  • The filtered oil helps to lose weight in regional areas quickly.

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