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How to make pepper soup? How to make Red Pepper Soup? green pepper soup recipe

The soup prepared with peppers, which contains many vitamins, protects you from diseases like invisible armor. Pepper soup, which is very useful for health, is also one of the most popular soups with its very taste. How to make pepper soup, which should be preferred especially in winter months? Here we share the easiest pepper soup recipe with you.

We are here with the soup recipe that should be cooked first in the winter months. When all the vitamins and flavors that pepper contains, a flavor that is hard to give up is created. Pepper soup is a natural antioxidant thanks to the main ingredient of pepper. Thanks to the vitamins A and C contained in the pepper, it increases the resistance of the body. This soup, which helps to get rid of colds more quickly in the winter season, also facilitates digestion. Since we are talking about so many benefits of pepper, how to make the most practical red pepper soup? Let’s take a look together:

Pepper Soup



6 cloves of garlic
4 red capia peppers
2 chili peppers
5 glasses of water
2 spoonful butter
2 tablespoons of flour
Black pepper
1 pinch of ground cumin
1 pinch ginger powder
1 pinch of granulated sugar
1 cup of chicken stock

Pepper Soup


Put the crushed garlic, coarsely cut peppers and water into the preheated pot.

Then cover the pot and let it boil.

Strain the cooked peppers and pass them with a hand blender.

Add butter and flour to the pot you have taken to the stove and fry.

Filter the pepper puree you prepared before and put it in your pot.

Add salt, pepper, granulated cumin, granulated ginger and granulated sugar and mix.

Add the juice from the peppers and chicken broth to the pot, then mix.

Finally, close the lid of your pot and let it boil.


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