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How to make Tatar manti? What region does the Tatar mantı belong to?

You can serve this troublesome recipe, each of which wants to be opened one by one and taken care of one by one, to your special guests, accompanied by an elegant presentation. We share with you the recipe of Tatar ravioli, which is known and loved in Turkish geography from Central Asia to the Balkans.

Tatar ravioli, which will be indispensable for your special days and the crown of invitation tables, is a wonderful recipe that everyone will love. You can prepare the delicious Tatar ravioli, which we offer you step by step below, in an easy and practical way. Manti is an important part of Central Asian cuisines as well as ours. This dish, which is also popular in the former USSR countries, is also occasionally seen in Afghanistan and the Balkans. The version of mantı that we share today is originally from Tatarstan. Let’s prepare Tatar ravioli together…



4 eggs
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt

For internal mortar:

500 grams fatty chicken meat
2 medium onions
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper


Let’s pass all the ingredients through the blender and mix well.

Let’s divide the rested dough into 3 parts and turn each part into 2 finger-thick rolls.

Let’s cut the rolls in 1 finger thickness and get small meringues. After opening each meringue a little with a rolling pin, let’s thin the ends so that the middle is thicker.

Let’s put 1 teaspoonful of mortar into the round dough we have opened.

First, let’s connect the two ends of the round, then let’s close the remaining ends on the sides to cover the mortar.

At this stage, let’s close the whole dough by gluing the flaps formed on the sides together and giving a shirred shape.

After preparing all the meringues in this way, let’s fill one third of a large pot with water, place the steaming apparatus on it and boil the water.

Let’s place the ravioli on the apparatus, close the lid and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat.

Let’s serve the ravioli with black pepper on them.

Enjoy your meal…

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