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How to make the easiest Adana pastry? MasterChef original Adana pastry recipe

Adana pastry, which arouses curiosity with its MasterChef program and attracts attention with its visuality, attracted the attention of the audience with the episode to be broadcast tonight. Adana pastry, which grows longer and is filled with plenty of cheddar and cheese, has become the favorite of the MasterChef program. So, what is the original recipe of Adana pastry, which is fiercely fought? Here is the Adana pastry recipe that marked MasterChef…

Adana pastry, which is on the agenda of MasterChef, began to be searched in search engines. For those who want to make it easily and practically, we have prepared MasterChef’s Adana pastry recipe for you on Yasemin.com. We recommend you to take a look at the content we have prepared for the Adana Borek recipe, which is quite delicious and has plenty of ingredients that gets longer and longer. It’s been a pleasure already…

The most indispensable pastry of traditional Turkish cuisine is undoubtedly börek. Dozens of pies from cheese to minced meat, from spinach to leeks enliven our kitchens. One of the best examples of how social media shapes our eating and drinking habits is water pastry with liquid cheese, also known as Adana Böreği. This pastry frenzy, which engulfed the whole of Turkey in a few years, is now knocking on the door of our kitchens. Those who eat Adana pastry know that it leaves an unforgettable place on the palate with its wonderful melted cheese in every bite. Today, we will give you a very easy and delicious Adana pastry recipe, if your ingredients are ready, let’s start without wasting time.

cheddar adana pastry



1 pack of phyllo dough
1 pack of phyllo dough
Toast Cheese
Cheddar cheese
String Cheese
2 spoonful butter
Liquid oil


Melt the butter and mix it with 2 tablespoons of oil in a bowl.

Grease the bottom of your tray and place a layer of baklava dough.

Grease the top of the phyllo and add another layer of phyllo dough and repeat this process until you have 10 layers of phyllo.

How to make Adana pastry

Meanwhile, boil water in a large pot.

After carefully putting your pastry dough in boiling water and taking it out, place it on the baklava dough.

Grease your phyllo and spread all three cheeses on it little by little.

pastrami pastry

Spread the dough boiled in hot water on it again.

Continue like this until you run out of pastry dough and cheese; The top layer should be phyllo.

Place the baklava phyllo sheets on the tray, oiling them as you did at the beginning.

adana pastry tips

Press carefully with your hand to flatten the pastry.

Slice the pastry, which you have abundantly oiled on the top, into squares.

Take the tray on the stove and turn it over and fry the bottom side well.


Then, turn your pastry upside down on a tray of the same size and cook the top part in the same way.

When your pastry cools, its fat freezes and its cheese does not stretch, so consume it hot.

Enjoy your meal…

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