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How to make the easiest and most beautiful flow?

That practical and delicious pastry, which we have known as pancakes in recent years, is actually a recipe known as pouring from past to present in Anatolia. You can find it in our article along with the tricks of pouring it, which will not be enough to eat when it is made for breakfast on weekends and holidays.

Pile or pancake; It is a sweet or salty recipe made by pouring the dough prepared with flour, egg, milk, melted butter, sugar, salt and baking powder onto a hot surface. The pouring, which is usually made for breakfasts, is actually pancakes with the other unit. One of the recipes that will bring us back to our childhood and make us relive our memories will be the delicious pour prepared by our mothers, grandmothers and grandmothers, an indispensable flavor that replaces salty or sweet snacks in between meals. Known by different names in different parts of Anatolia, the essence of the flow is always the same. So, how to pour and what are the tricks? Here is the answer to the question:



2 eggs
2 glasses of milk
1 tea glass of oil
1 glass of flour
1 pinch of salt



Mix eggs, milk and oil thoroughly. Add flour and salt to it.

Make a batter by mixing. Pour one ladle into each oil-free hot Teflon pan.

Spread all over the pan. After the bottom is cooked, turn it over by shaking it or turning it with a spatula. When the other side is browned, take it out of the pan.

It can be eaten with sliced ​​cheese by making a roll, or when it is cooked and placed on a serving plate, any desired mortar (mashed potatoes, cheese grater, roasted minced meat can be used) in the middle

Make a roll by placing it lengthwise like a pencil. You can serve.

Bon appetit…

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