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How to make the easiest meat puff? What are the tricks of making meat puff at home?

Would you like to make the puff that has been loved and consumed since the day it was first introduced to the market, from your own home? The easiest and most practical recipe for making meat puff at home, which children love to eat, is in our today’s article.

The puff, which is larger than its size, has been one of the best-selling snacks in markets and grocery stores for many years. You can now make the puff that you have loved since your childhood, while having fun with your children. Tiny but very tasty Eti Puff, loved by everyone, big and small, is a recipe that is very easy to prepare and at the same time nice to look at. If you want, you can get help from children while preparing this delicious delicacy. They have a lot of fun while making it. You can make this recipe between two biscuits, or you can make it in the form of a single biscuit. It is more comfortable to eat when it is between 2 biscuits. Here is the recipe for homemade meat puffs:



1 pack of plain whipped cream
1 glass of water Milk
Half a teaspoon of powdered sugar
up to 3 cups coconut
Colorful candies
1 pack of creamy little vetch biscuits


First, prepare the whipped cream. For this, put the milk and whipped cream in a bowl and whisk it to get a consistency.

Add powdered sugar into the whipped cream and continue mixing with a wooden spoon.

Finally, add the coconut into the cream.

Take pieces of the cream you prepared with a dessert spoon and dip them in milk first and then in colored sugars.

Then put the formed balls on top of the biscuits.

Repeat this process until the cream is gone.

Enjoy your meal…

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