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How to make the easiest roll pie? Tips for making cigars

One of the most practical and delicious recipes, you can prepare the spring rolls to present to your guests on special occasions and keep them in the freezer. Especially if you are making cheese rolls, make sure that the cheese you use is not greasy and watery. How to make the easiest puff pastry? What are the tricks of cigars? The answer to all questions is here.

With its crispy flavor and exquisite appearance, the traditional spring roll, which is the crown jewel of its golden days, can be easily made at 5pm tea if you wish. You can make spring rolls with the stuffing that you can add to the yufka as desired. Everyone enjoys consuming spring rolls, which we can easily make at any time, thanks to its practical preparation. Cigarette pastry, which is a type of pastry unique to Turkish cuisine, leaves a mark on the palate. Again, the most popular of the spring rolls, which you can fry by frying or baking in the oven, is the cheese one. The most important point of the spring roll, which is indispensable for children, is to be able to cook it without drawing oil. And the freshness of the pastry… It can be difficult to fold and wrap the pastry, as the freshly rolled dough is dry and torn. If you are making spring rolls, make sure that the cheese you use is not greasy and watery. Take the juicy cheese in a strainer for a while, strain the water, and add it to your pastry.

  • When wrapping your pastry, you should also take care that it is not too tight. The brioche, which is wrapped very tightly, will burst again during the frying phase.
  • When you dip the pastries you prepared in egg and breadcrumbs before frying, you will ensure that they are both crispy and browned without falling apart.

Making Cigar Rolls



3 pieces of ready-made phyllo

For the filling;

150 grams of curd cheese
150 grams of grated cheddar
1 tablespoon of yogurt
1/4 teaspoon of salt
5 sprigs of parsley

To cook;

2 glasses of sunflower oil

Cigar Pastry Recipe


Open the dough by stacking it on a tray and divide it into 24 equal parts as triangles.

Then mix all the stuffing ingredients in a bowl.

Add the stuffing to the wide part of a triangular dough sheet and roll it up.

After following the same procedure for all phyllo dough, cook in plenty of hot oil in the pan.

To remove excess oil, you can put the cooked pastries on a paper towel and serve them after they cool.

Bon appetit…

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