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How to make the easiest semolina halva? MasterChef full size semolina halva recipe…

The competitors rolled up their sleeves to make the semolina halvah, which is one of the most searched dishes of MasterChef, in the most successful way. The details of the semolina halva, which was the subject of curiosity with the MasterChef recipe, became the subject of curiosity. Here is the MasterChef semolina halva recipe…

Semolina halva, which is among the indispensable tastes, appeals to many palates. What is the recipe for semolina halva, which is optionally made with or without milk, with or without ice cream? Those who want to make semolina halva at home started to investigate the question of how to make semolina halva. If you want to make semolina halvah, which can be made easily and quickly and is very popular, this recipe is for you… The very popular semolina halva has an important place in Turkish cuisine. If you are looking for a recipe that is both convenient and practical, the semolina halva recipe is for you! We offer you the light and delicious semolina halva recipe, which can be eaten after dinner, with tried-and-tested recipes. Semolina halva, which is indispensable for fish tables, is at the forefront with its practicality as well as its taste. How to make semolina halvah, which you can easily make with a few ingredients at home in times of sweet crisis? The recipe for semolina halva in full consistency is below…

Chef Salim Aydın explained the tricks of making semolina halva to the smallest detail. With the presentation of Yasemin.com reporter Müge Çakmak, the delicious semolina halva recipe is with you…

semolina halva presentation



2 cups semolina
2 cups of milk
1.5 cups of sugar
4 tablespoons of butter

semolina dessert


Melt the butter in a saucepan.

Let’s put the semolina in it and start frying.

Continue frying until the color of the semolina changes.

Pour the milk slowly over the semolina, which is completely roasted with butter, and mix quickly while pouring the milk.

Hazelnut Semolina Halva

Keep mixing until the semolina absorbs the milk.

Finally, add the sugar. Keep mixing quickly.

After this step, remove the halva from the stove and let it cool.

You can serve with ice cream upon request.

Enjoy your meal…


  • Butter must be used while making halva.
  • It should be kept in front of it all the time because semolina smells bad even if it is burned a little.
  • Sugar should always be put last, this way it is easier to keep the consistency.

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