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How to make turnip juice, which has countless health benefits?

Turnip, which is an inseparable part of Turkish cuisine, is innumerable when consumed correctly. Turnip belongs to the category of vegetables and becomes salty when it is made into a drink. Turnip juice, which contains high antioxidants, is also a very powerful probiotic. In addition to its taste, turnip juice, which is preferred for its health benefits, is a beverage that is often drunk with kebab. Making turnips at home:

People have found different recipes to benefit from the vegetables grown in our country, which has a wide vegetation. While preparing food from vegetables, some of them prepared drinks to benefit more from the vitamins of vegetables. They also made juice from turnips belonging to the cruciferous family. The registration certificate of the turnip, whose homeland is Adana, was obtained with the initiative of the Adana Chamber of Commerce. Turnip juice, which is a geographical indication, is also very tasty. It is one of the salty drinks of Turkish cuisine, which is frequently preferred alongside kebabs. We have included the recipe of the drink, which can be spicy or non-spicy, with small details to be made while preparing it. You can find the preparation of turnip juice, which is one of the healthiest beverages, together with its ingredients, below. How is turnip juice made? What should we pay attention to when making turnip juice?



1 head of garlic (to be chopped and peeled)
2 medium turnip radishes (chopped)
1 kg purple carrots (to be chopped like a pencil)
2 tablespoons of rock salt
2 tablespoons of lemon juice


10 glasses of boiled and cooled water
3-4 slices of sourdough bread


To prepare the yeast, put the water in a large 2-liter jar in a glass jar and add the breads.

Put a weight on the bread and cover it with cheesecloth so that it does not float. Let it stand for 2 days.

Filter the yeast that has been waiting for 2 days and separate it from the bread.

In a larger jar, preferably 3 liters, put the garlic, turnips and carrots in order.

Adjust the taste by adding salt to the yeast you prepared before, then add the lemon juice.

Pour into the vegetables, but be careful to keep the vegetables at the bottom of the water.

After closing the mouth tightly, leave it for 20 days in a cool and dark environment.

At the end of 20 days, you can consume the water you have passed through a fine strainer. Optionally, you can also consume carrots.

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