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How to recognize a flea bite and what are its symptoms? How does a flea bite go away?

With the summer season, picnics, nature walks or outdoor activities that we go frequently can sometimes result in flea bites. Fleas, which multiply and spread especially in hot weather, harm people and animals. So what causes flea bites, what are the symptoms, what is good for flea bites? All the details are here.

If you have a pet, your home is much more likely to have fleas. Because fleas are animals that tend to reproduce and reproduce much faster in environments where animals are present. But even if there is no pet, it is very easy to carry it home with portable items such as carpets, fabrics and clothes. It is very difficult and grueling to get him away from home. Although its visible effect is quite small, its effects on the body are quite disturbing. This can be more harmful for children and the elderly. In terms of appearance, their color is light-dark brown and their head structure is smaller than their body.

WHAT CAUSES A flea bite?

Fleas, which are blood-feeding and parasitic insect species, begin to spread in soil areas in hot weather, causing harm to animals and humans. In a short time, they begin to multiply and spread outside the area they are in. Humans are actually a secondary option for fleas, but if they can’t find a good host, they become their target. Because they feed on blood.


In the bite area,

  • Itching
  • Combustion
  • redness
  • There may be swelling around the bite.

The bites are fairly easy to distinguish. It is expressed as clusters of small, red skin lesions in the form of circular or straight lines. It is smaller in size than mosquito bites. The bites occur mostly on the feet and legs.

WHAT IS GOOD FOR A flea bite?

In cases where there is no infection in the bite area, it is said to heal completely in 4-9 days with proper care. Applications to cure flea bites are as follows:

  • Ice application:To prevent swelling, a cold compress with ice can be applied to the bite area.
  • Tea bags:Tea bags remaining after using the tea are frozen and the affected can be applied to the area.
  • Aloe vera gel:Aloe vera gel can be used to prevent or reduce itching due to flea bites.
  • Tea tree oil:It is recommended to be diluted with a carrier oil.
  • White vinegar:1 measure of vinegar and 1 measure of water are mixed and applied to the bite area with the help of cotton.

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