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Inactivity is the 4th cause of death!

Sitting for long periods of time and traveling for long hours cause many diseases. Experts state that sedentary life, which ranks 4th among the causes of death, harms the body. Scientific studies; It shows that the damages caused by sitting for a long time and being inactive to the body cannot be eliminated by the sports and exercise done afterwards.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Ferruh İlter talked about the risks experienced and the exercises that can be done.

The risk of death doubles

A person who watches TV 23 hours a week has a 64% higher risk of death than those who watch 11 hours. stating Dr. İlter talked about the risks and the exercises that can be done. Dr. Ilter; “The human body is designed for standing, and the cardiovascular system and intestines work more effectively in this situation. Negative problems with our body as a result of inactivity show themselves for the first time in the movement system. Neck pains, stiffness and contractions in the neck muscles , back and waist pain, shoulder pain, numbness in the legs, risks of lumbar – neck hernia, postural disorders, weakness in the hip-thigh muscles and related falls – traumas, varicose veins in the legs – clot formation in the leg veins occur in the early period. Problems that may be more serious may emerge over time, these problems may result in obesity-related diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, osteoporosis and cancer.25 % of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes diseases, heart 30% of vascular diseases are caused by the risks of sedentary life. the overall risk of death in ten is doubled compared to those who are active” and listed his recommendations.

What precautions can we take?

– Limiting sitting times to 30 minutes

– Using timer alarms

– Not keeping the water bottle on the table, but getting up to get the water

– Getting up from the table to get tea and coffee

– Talking to colleagues by going to their room, not by phone or e-mail

– Stand up while talking on a mobile phone getting up and moving

– Drinking plenty of fluids

– Using the stairs, not the elevator

– At least 150 minutes of exercise per week in total and doing sports

– Walk at least 10 000 steps a day

– Do desk exercises

Correct sitting positions

– Back and waist should be perfectly straight or slightly curved back


– Should use lumbar support or compatible ergonomic chair seat

– Hips, knees and ankles should be more than 90 degrees, knees should be below hip level

– Ankles should be in front of knees, the distance between the back of the knee and the chair should be at least 3 fingers wide, feet should be flat on the floor

– Do not work by bending the neck forward

– Screen; It should be visible at an angle of 10-30 degrees from eye level

– Do not sit for more than 30 minutes

– Change positions frequently

Exercises that can be done

– Leave your arms free at both sides and raise your shoulders up to the level of your ears for a count of 10 and lower them. Repeat this move 10 times

– Move both shoulders forward and back 10 times at the same time

– Clasp and stretch your hands at the nape of your neck. Hold your position for at least 10 seconds. Relax again after the move. Repeat 10 times

-Collect your hands on your forehead and prevent this with your hands while trying to push your head forward. Apply 10 times for 10 seconds

-By placing your hands on the right and left temples alternately, apply pressure with your head 10 times for 5 seconds to the right and left

-Make circles your head rotate to the right side and repeat 10 times to the left side

– Tilt your head towards your shoulders for 5 seconds and lift and repeat the movement 10 times

– Tilt your head forward towards the chest area and then back towards your back and hold for 5 seconds

-Extend your arms to the sides and stretch as much as you can. Repeat 5 times for 5 seconds

– Bend your body towards your knees and put your arms behind your legs and stretch your back

– Try to touch the shoulder blades

-Turn your waist to the right and left while your hands are on your neck, Repeat the movement at least 5 times

-By pressing your hand on the right hip, flex your waist to the right, pressing the left hip to the left side. Repeat 5 times

-Turn your ankles left and right in a circular fashion. Press up and down 10 times for 5 seconds

Things to do on long journeys

-To drive take frequent breaks, get out of the vehicle and walk

-Get out of the vehicle at bus breaks, walk

-Walk frequently between seats on the plane

– Drink plenty of fluids

-Do ankle exercises, make the veins work better

-If there are risk factors, use compression stockings

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