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Incredible taste made from apples! How to make stuffed apples with rice?

Although it is mostly produced in the lands of Isparta, the production of stuffed apples is based on the Ottoman lands. It was a matter of curiosity how to make stuffed rice apples, which has a very different flavor and managed to get a place in the memories with its taste. So, would you like to try this incredible flavor made from apples?

The apple, which goes beyond being a fruit, is here as a main dish. The apple, which is quite delicious and not believed by those who hear it, becomes a main dish thanks to its filling with rice. Stuffed apples with rice, which cheers the palate with its sour taste, has become the most researched and remarkable dish of recent times. How about trying stuffed apples with rice, which has a unique stuffing recipe but has never been heard before? The recipe for stuffed apples with rice, which has survived from the Ottoman period, is in the details of our news. Let’s see how to make stuffed apples with rice without wasting time.

Stuffed Apples with Rice Recipe



8 medium apples
1 teaspoon of rice
Half a teaspoon of ground beef
1 spoon of oil
5 spoons of granulated sugar and salt


First, peel the apples

Then, by cutting the stem in a round shape, the inside of the apple is hollowed out.

Stuffed Apples with Rice

Washed rice, minced meat and salt are mixed in a separate bowl.

The mortar obtained inside the carved apple is filled and placed in the pot.

Sprinkle powdered sugar on it and adjust the water

Cook stuffed apples with rice on low heat until the rice is open.

Enjoy your meal..

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