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Indispensable for cold weather 3 miraculous winter tea

With the seasonal changes in our country, the weather has completely cooled down and diseases such as flu, colds and pneumonia have increased.

In addition, the measures we have taken with the pandemic are reducing the resistance to the flu in our body, and at this point, herbal teas, which are a source of healing, help fight the disease.

So, which herbal tea does what? If you do not know about which diseases it should be consumed, do not worry! In this article, I will give you information about 3 miraculous herbal teas.

Healing store 3 herbal tea:

1) Ginger tea

Ginger tea, which can be consumed both hot and cold, is one of the most preferred teas in winter.

Rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and many more vitamins and minerals, ginger is a complete health store.

In what situations is it used: Ginger tea has a healing effect for cold symptoms. Those who have respiratory tract congestion can breathe easily by drinking ginger tea.

2) Linden tea

Linden is one of the teas found in almost everyone’s home in case of illness and flu. Inside; Although linden with vitamins A, B6, C, P is good for many diseases, it is also a substitute for pleasure tea, which is often preferred by those who do not like tea.

In what situations is it used: Linden; It is good for migraine, urinary incontinence, cough and bronchitis.

3) Rosehip tea

Rosehip tea, which belongs to the Rosaceae family, is a plant species that contains high levels of lycopene. Not only in flu diseases, but also; It is good for cardiovascular diseases and stomach disorders.

In what situations is it used: Rosehip, which is very rich in vitamin C, is good for cough. It is a strong plant against viruses and bacteria due to its antioxidant properties.

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