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It has been understood that the Covid drug molnupiravir can cause new mutations

It has been understood that Molnupiravir, developed by the drug giant Merck against Covid, can cause new mutations. It turned out that the virus changed in people who took the drug. Stanford University experts “Don’t play with fire, stop selling this drug”said.

While vaccines came very quickly in the fight against coronavirus, it took a long time to develop drugs for treatment, Merck’s product, which was released at the end of 2021, Molnupiravir The medicine was accepted all over the world as a miracle cure method. The US had made a $2.2 billion deal as soon as the drug was released. Turkey also took its place among the countries that purchased this drug. It was said that the drug will be one of the most important weapons of humanity in returning to normal. However, some research on this drug continues to raise questions in the minds.

The drug with a 5-day course of 700 dollars in the FDA narrowly approved in the voting. It was stated that when this drug was given to 755 unvaccinated people who were positive in the results announced by Merck, 50 percent success was achieved in preventing death and severe disease. However, in the larger study of 1433 people, the efficacy rate dropped to 30 percent.


The New York Times newspaper wrote that the drug can cause errors in DNA, which can damage cells. Despite this, Merck generated close to $1 billion in revenue from Molnupiravir in just one quarter. in September 2022 US National Institute of Health explained that the drug could theoretically cause new mutations in the body. This theory was confirmed by mutations that Imperial College London found in patients using the drug. More importantly, it has been understood that Molnupiravir does not completely clear the Covid-19 virus in the body, and even carries the risk of transmitting viruses mutated with this drug to other people. In other words, the drug caused the birth of new variants of Covid-19. The feared scenario is that one of these variants risks more deadly features.

Jonathan Li of Harvard University “This was just a hypothesis at first, but now the data confirms this risk,” he said. Merck denied the claims, saying, “It is not true that our drug causes the formation of meaningful new variants.” It is unclear what Merck meant by the word ‘meaningful’.

According to Michael Lin of Stanford University Continuing to use this drug is now too risky. “So far, there is no evidence that new mutant viruses emerging in people using the drug are more risky than other Covid variants, but continuing to use this drug means playing with fire,” Lin said. It is stated that especially pregnant women should not use this medicine in order not to harm their babies.

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