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Keep fit after Ramadan

Are those who lost weight in Ramadan, those who were cut without eating or drinking, those whose stomachs got smaller, here? This is exactly what you are about. Although our aim is not to lose weight while fasting, we are full of soup at iftar and we eat less than normal because we are hungry all day long. This allows us to shrink our stomach a little bit and not be able to eat as much as before.

So what to do to keep fit after Ramadan?

I know, we can’t stand the wraps, baklavas and pastries during the feast and eat it as we eat. Personally, I start this incredible food craze in the morning with breakfast, I can’t offend anyone in the hospitality and I find myself tasting all the baklava pastries. I promise myself that this holiday will not be like that. How Does? Here we go.

I’m thinking of changing my eating habits, not filling my stomach, which has shrunk after Ramadan, with baklava pastry, and starting with water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

If you have such an intention, don’t be full of cinnamon sticks, a slice or two of lemon cut, parsley leaves with you. You can enrich the water you drink with refreshing products.

Wish me luck and believe me, I want to do this not to lose weight, but to gain a healthier eating habit. I will apply it for my body to rest and heal itself.

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