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Listen to lots of music at home

The coronavirus has both physical and mental effects. Stating that many people are worried due to the coronavirus, Prof. Dr. Önder Kavakçı emphasized that the prolongation of the process can lead to depression.

Kavakçı stated that music has a soothing and relaxing feature by itself, “It is useful to listen to a lot of music in this process. You can dance and play if possible. All kinds of music are good. Even very emotional and sad music is soothing. “We can start with more fun at certain times of the day and choose different music at different times of the day. Too many movies and concerts are now available on the internet. We can benefit from them.” He used the expressions

Burnout, helplessness and depression can be seen

We escape from danger, escape and relax. Fear is more prominent than anxiety in people who receive threats and work in hospitals. But it can happen at any time, the possibility of it may increase anxiety. It varies from person to person, from house to house. Here we are faced with a long-lasting threat from which it is very difficult to escape. This is also a frightening thing. This situation brings with it physical diseases such as fatigue, exhaustion, and when prolonged, burnout, helplessness and depression

Those above and below a certain age are always at home. “We live in a time when the perception of threat and danger is very high. The more balanced and peaceful we are, the better our immune system works. Deng.” The more our body deteriorates, the more the immune system suffers.

It is very important to calm ourselves, our children, our partner. We see that it is not a situation that will last long and that can be overcome in a short time. We cannot suddenly go back to our old life. The long duration of this period creates fatigue, anger and tension. Therefore, we need to take good care of ourselves at this time.

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