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Meet emotional intelligence for a happier life

Emotional intelligence enables us to build a more balanced life, to know ourselves and the people around us better, to increase our productivity by keeping our motivation high, by combining our logic and analytical skills with the insight that emotions offer us.

It is now known that in today’s economic order, where the use of machines, artificial intelligence and electronic systems is becoming more and more widespread and employment problems are foreseen, the main power that makes a difference is to manage the human side of relations.

What does emotional intelligence do

This is where the skills that emotional intelligence offers us come into play. Developing emotional intelligence; It makes it possible to empathize, to read people’s feelings, to use internal motivation effectively, to evaluate the short-medium-long-term results of decisions in the sum of emotions and thoughts, to look at events with a hopeful and proactive approach, to direct emotions, and to be a leader who inspires the team with their behaviors. . It offers measurable, learnable and developable competencies for a more aware, more conscious and more purposeful life in business and private life. For these reasons, emotional intelligence ranks sixth among the most important leadership competencies identified by the World Economic Forum.

Second edition

Emotional Intelligence organization by making use of Six Seconds’ scientifically based, global and transformative EQ model. You are offered skills that you can directly apply to your daily life and watch their effects.

Persons who will attend the training, which will be held in Turkish for the second time on 3-4-5-6 October, in cooperation with Yaşam Ritmi and Adler Central Europe; In the EQ Evaluator Certification Program, he will work with Erdem Ercan, the founder of Yaşam Ritmi and Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Advanced Trainer, will have an in-depth knowledge of emotional intelligence and will have the chance to experience the competencies first hand.

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