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Modern man hates two things: helplessness and uncertainty.

We can’t come to weakness and uncertainty. We try to eliminate weakness with our masks of being strong, and uncertainty with the will to know and control.

Sociologist Bauman says; “Modern man hates two things: helplessness and uncertainty”

I think a comment that hits 12.

What masks do most people wear to their mothers, fathers, or even their spouses for fear of appearing weak?

What roles do.

Isn’t that right?

Don’t we see unhappiness, lack of comfort, indifference, inability to come to apathy, asking for help WEAKNESS ?

Aren’t our lives that don’t belong to us on social media, our battle with our perception of weakness?

Maybe not a weakness. It’s just that we’re uncomfortable with ourselves…

What about uncertainty;

Let everything be clear, our black or whiteness, our focus on the result when we can’t come to the process.

Our control, our effort to make things clear, to calm our hurt anxiety.

However, despite the uncertainty of even death…

Everything will not be clear.

We will never be strong all the time.

Things will never be as we want them to be.

And we;

Only if we are at peace with our weakness and the uncertainty of life will we have a chance to be happy…

Family and Marriage Counselor Serhat Foreign

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