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Osmaniye’s famous holiday flavor, kömbe, is being cooked for earthquake victims!

The housewives of earthquake victims in Osmaniye make traditional flavored kömbe, which they prepare to be served during Ramadan Feast, for citizens like themselves who are affected by the disaster.

Earthquake survivor housewives, who attended the cookery and pastry course at the Public Education Center in Osmaniye, prepare the indispensable dessert of the holidays, Kömbe. The women cook the kömbe dough prepared by mixing flour, sugar, oil, tahini and various spices, and distribute the sweets free of charge to those who stay in the temporary shelter and container city.

Master instructor Ayşe Özbay said that they wanted to help the earthquake victims because it was Ramadan, and they thought of making a feast.

Özbay stated that all materials were provided by the Public Education Center and continued as follows:

“As Public Education Center employees, we are working to support earthquake victims. We have 16 trainees in our course and we can produce 150-200 people per day. From the construction stage to the cooking stage, we make it together with our trainees and move on to the packaging stage. We pack, package and distribute them to tent cities.”

Özbay stated that they are trying to overcome the pain they experience with solidarity by supporting each other.

Explaining that the earthquake victims they took to Kömbe were very happy, Özbay said, “People inevitably get emotional. Everyone has lost their relatives. I also lost my relatives. We lost my sister, her husband, and a 21-year-old young girl. We are trying to alleviate our pain by sharing their pain. Our course will last for two weeks and we will continue to do the activity during this time.”he said.

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