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Pay attention to the food that ages the body the fastest!

A 2007 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating fried foods like french fries is directly linked to obesity.

First of all, it is useful to say that potato allergy is also a common type of allergy. If you notice itching or any other abnormality in your body after eating potatoes, you should definitely see a specialist.

Potatoes, which are especially preferred in fried form, damage the digestive system and cause indigestion when consumed in this way. One of the most terrible damages of fried potatoes is the damage it leaves on the veins. Potatoes, which cause atherosclerosis, can even cause strokes due to occlusion and occlusion in the long term.

According to dietitian Johna Burdeos; Frying potatoes also triggers harmful components that accelerate aging in the body. Dr. Mary Wirtz says that deep-fried potatoes cause memory impairment and threaten brain health.

In terms of insulin resistance, the starch contained in potatoes can be risky for diabetics. In addition, frequent consumption of french fries can cause an increase in the amount of toxic substances in the body.

One of the other things to consider when consuming potatoes is not to store the potato in the refrigerator, this increases the amount of solanine. In addition, if the potato is green and shrunken, you should definitely not consume it. The healthiest way to cook potatoes is to steam or bake in the oven. Boiling causes the destruction of vitamins C and B in its content.

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