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Prevent heart disease in 6 steps

There is no doubt that we are all looking for ways to live a long and healthy life. However, when the lifestyle is organized to protect cardiovascular health from the youth years, the doors of a healthy life can be opened. Thanks to a well-planned life-long lifestyle, heart attacks and diseases that can result in death can be prevented.

Get expert support for stress management

We may encounter some problems that we have difficulty coping with in our lifetime. Problems in stress management, especially where emotional deadlocks are experienced, can also affect cardiovascular health. Not being able to manage stress, which is the first step of a healthy life, and not be able to regulate mental health can make it very difficult to make progress in other issues. If you think you have any problems in stress management, you should definitely seek the opinion of an expert.

Don’t miss out on regular sleep

Regular sleep is one of the most effective methods to rest the body that is tired during the day. Quality sleep not only helps people to regulate their daily life, but also affects health significantly. Because sleep reduces heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, as well as reducing stress. For this reason, establishing a sleep pattern plays an important role in cardiovascular health. If there is an irregular sleep problem, the factors that may prevent sleep should be reviewed and measures should be taken.

Be careful with your alcohol and cigarette consumption

With alcohol use, the incidence of many diseases in the body can increase. In long-term alcohol use, heart failure due to deterioration of the heart muscles and congestion in the vessels feeding the organs may develop. Alcohol consumed on special days can cause rhythm disorders and sudden increases in blood pressure in unaccustomed bodies, as well as cause brain hemorrhages and stroke. Therefore, besides the management of alcohol consumption, smoking should also be stopped.

Eat regularly instead of regular diets

Placing healthy nutrition in a way that is permanent instead of temporary and limited food intakes. is of great importance for health. If you have diabetes, glucose intolerance, weight problems or a wide waist circumference, all bakery products such as patisserie-bakery products, all sugary foods even if they are natural, and rice should be removed from the diet list. It is very important to limit all sugary drinks, even real juices and fruit. Since these diseases can be experienced once, the probability of reoccurrence can increase significantly, so it will be the best decision to introduce regular nutrition into your life instead of diet.

Don’t believe in calorie charts

Foods are divided into two as beneficial or not beneficial according to their effects on the gut and other systems, not according to their caloric value. . It becomes important to learn the Mediterranean cuisine style and to eat by emphasizing this content and a handful of raw nuts per day. In particular, it may be necessary to completely cut out fabricated foods, all foods and beverages prepared with sugar, fried foods, fast moving consumer goods, and leavened or floury products, even if they are made at home. The most common mistake in the consumption of these foods is to try to consume them by measuring the calories of the products. The issue that is more important than calorie calculation in the consumption of bakery and yeast products is explained as preventing the products from causing other diseases by destroying the intestinal wall and bacterial flora. These foods can have a toxic effect by producing inflammation, first on the hormonal system and the brain, then on the immune, aging process, cardiovascular and other systems.

Let exercise be your best friend

Exercise is one of the methods you can apply to your life in order to keep exercise in your life and to protect your cardiovascular health. Even if it cannot be done every day, 40-45 minutes of continuous walking at a moderate-fast pace every two days, as well as muscle-strengthening exercises, will benefit heart health. Instead of not doing any exercise, a little exercise will be a good method for your body.

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