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Rare symptoms of coronavirus mislead

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world on alert. In cases of COVID-19, the symptoms of which are known as cough, high fever and fatigue, more pronounced symptoms appear as the situation worsens. While some of the society is partially recovering from the disease, the rare findings of the coronavirus cause patients and carriers not to doubt themselves.

Individuals who survived the coronavirus infection, known as cough, fever and fatigue, may have different symptoms. Thus, thousands of individuals with the disease contribute to the rate of spread of the coronavirus without realizing it.

Attention to rare symptoms

Working in the field of Child Health, Immunology and Allergy for 29 years, Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony explained the rare symptoms of coronavirus, “Headache, dizziness, sudden loss of taste and smell, chest and muscle pains are among the rare symptoms of coronavirus infection. Individuals who catch the coronavirus and show these symptoms do not know that they are not sick. “They think and cause the virus to spread. With few or no symptoms, the coronavirus uses millions of people as carriers.”

China formed the basis of clinical studies

Stating that rare symptoms of coronavirus are observed in clinical studies, Assoc. Dr. Akpınarlı, “China, as the place where the coronavirus epidemic started, had the opportunity to conduct more clinical studies than many countries in the world. In China, which took serious measures after the epidemic was dangerous, researches were started to detect the symptoms and isolate the coronavirus carriers from the society. In the clinical study conducted with 10 COVID-19 patients between January 1 and February 27 in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic, early symptoms were found to be mostly cough and fever, but headache, (1 patient) dizziness, (3 patients) stomach pains and vomiting. , (1 patient) chest pain (1 patient) were also observed. Although these symptoms, which are seen in one in 10 patients, seem low to us, it can be thought that thousands of people have these symptoms and do not feel sick in countries where there are 10 thousands of cases” . Explaining 12 symptoms that mislead individuals, Assoc. Dr. Akpınarlı, “Headache, dizziness, sudden loss of taste and smell, nasal congestion, chest and muscle aches, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are among the symptoms we encounter, albeit rare. Suspicion of coronavirus In addition to symptoms such as fever and cough, individuals with cancer should also pay attention to these rare symptoms”

Associate Professor Akgül Akpınarlı Antony lastly, “Coronavirus We can say that it is an insidious disease. Rare or never seen findings make the virus dangerous. For this reason, we should all follow the social distance rules for public health, and we should not go out unless it is necessary” and warned.

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