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Remedy for toothache while fasting

Toothache; Hospitadent Dental Health Group Board Member Dentist Recep Eşkar, , said that it is caused by many reasons such as 20-year-old toothache, pain caused by the tooth nerve, tooth and gingivitis pain, joint pain. Appropriate treatment should be applied. Most people act on hearsay to alleviate the pain and place aspirin and cologne in the tooth. These are absolutely not true. It should be noted that the detection and treatment of toothache should only be done by the dentist. There are also some solution suggestions for this. If you are fasting and your tooth hurts, applying cold compresses to the aching tooth area temporarily relieves the pain” . Dentist Recep Eşkar, Member of the Board of Hospitadent Dental Hospital, listed the natural solutions that can be applied to relieve pain during toothache as follows. 98 00704)

1- Brushing teeth helps to remove the foods stuck in caries and causing pain. Cleaning the teeth with dental floss and brushing reduce the pain.

2- Water with vinegar and salt water mouthwash partially numbs toothache. It cleans the tooth from bacteria and reduces swelling. It has a disinfectant effect on gums and open dental caries.

3- Taking painkillers with the recommendation of your dentist and following the terms of use will relieve your pain for a certain period of time.

4- Aspirin, cologne and alcohol should never be placed on the tooth, instead clove oil should be preferred. Clove oil or dried clove has been used for centuries to treat infection. Clove oil, which is good for toothache, has anesthetic and antiseptic properties. It contains a powerful substance called eugenol. This substance, which helps to kill bacteria, is also found in toothpastes. If dried cloves are placed on the aching area and left to wait, it numbs that area and reduces the feeling of pain. In addition, due to its antibacterial properties, it affects the harmful bacteria around the decayed tooth.

5- Ice application; Applying a cold compress to the aching tooth area can temporarily relieve the pain. Conversely, applying a hot compress to the aching tooth area can temporarily relieve the pain.

6- If you have toothache at night, the pillow can be raised as lying down will increase the pain.

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