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Should I buy a practical teflon or granite or old school steel pan?

Steel, granite and cast iron cookware are considered healthy according to their usage area, method and duration. But which is better for non-stick pans? Let’s see together:

Teflon pans and pots are non-flammable and non-stick. However, they are quite prone to scratching. They should not be exposed to heat for a long time. They are suitable for recipes such as omelets, but not ideal for cooking. Harmful alloys can form when exposed to high temperatures.

Granite pans and pots distribute the heat evenly. They are more scratch resistant than Teflon. They must be used with silicone products. They should not be exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

Ceramic pans are questionable. Because the safe one is the one hundred percent ceramic ones. But this is high cost. They are usually produced in the form of coatings. Beneath the ceramic coating is usually neurotoxic aluminum. Ceramic wears out over time and begins to crumble. Therefore, it needs to be changed frequently.

Professor of professors, Canan Karatay, does not take a good look at Teflon pans. “Cook the food in the oven in glass, on the fire with steel or enamel pots” says. If the cookware is of poor quality, the food can become harmful when it comes into contact with heat.

Although there is a risk of sticking in steel pots and pans, they are still the most resistant to rusting and abrasion. It can be used at high temperature; They are not scratched or oxidized. They also save energy as they preserve heat.

Key point: Take a magnet with you when you go to buy the steel pan. If it is seen that the magnet does not hold the steel, you can buy that pan with peace of mind.


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