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Social media platforms are not innocent

Psychiatrist Onur Okan Demirci from Istanbul Gelişim University, who stated that people express their anger without restricting themselves because there is no threat to physical integrity through social media, emphasized that this anger causes serious psychological damage.

“Feeling of inadequacy makes you angry”

Mentioning what lies behind this anger structure conveyed through social media, Demirci “The idea of ​​’inadequacy’ often underlies anger. He may act impulsively with the feelings he has created on the person he has attacked over social media, of which the most disturbing and most violent feelings are ‘not being good enough’, ‘trying to prove himself’, ‘lack of self-confidence’. ”.

“The most severe mass lynching”

Reminding that the most severe of social media attacks is mass lynching, Onur Okan Demirci “Social media accounts, which think that they have gathered a mass behind them in such posts, follow an angry community that acts with primitive brain structures by posting in line with their target. This community, which has common concerns, may harm themselves or others as a result of their impulsive actions. Social media platforms are not innocent at all.” He used the expressions .

Social media education is a must

Demirci said that the most effective and correct method is to disseminate training on social media use, “Shares that amount to violating private life can be evaluated by law enforcement bodies with effective sanctions.” said

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