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Solutions for dry hands during the pandemic period!

Never forget to moisturize!

We have given the most key solution at the beginning. Yes, you should definitely moisturize your hands to prevent them from drying out. You can use a moisturizer during the day as your hands feel dry. My advice to you is to choose a cream from the pharmacy instead of scented cosmetic creams.

Keep your hands away from hot water

If you wash your hands with extremely hot water because you think it’s more hygienic, this will not benefit you. We can say that it does a lot of damage. Washing your hands with extremely hot water causes irritation of your hands.

Don’t go overboard with the use of cologne

The pandemic period has brought anxiety to all of us. We have been using cologne every minute to protect ourselves from viruses. Since cologne is a liquid containing alcohol, excessive use unfortunately causes cracks on our hands. Therefore, it is useful not to overdo it in the use of cologne or disinfectant.

Choose the right soap

Soap is a very important resource to keep our hands hygienic. However, you should stay away from soaps that contain too many chemicals. When purchasing soap, be sure to read the ingredients and choose soaps with vegetable oils.

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