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Spaced teeth are no longer a problem

Drawing attention to the effect of spaced and adjacent teeth on chewing force, Dt. Kökdemir, ”The fact that our teeth are completely adjacent and properly aligned ensures that the chewing forces on them are first distributed to the neighboring teeth and then transmitted to the bone. Thus, since the force distribution will be equal, our teeth will not be damaged. The uneven distribution of force, the direct pressure of the food on the gums during chewing or the jamming between the teeth cause the gum to recede over time” . “Especially after eating red meat, the residues that cannot be cleaned by getting stuck between the teeth cause gingivitis very quickly and if not treated, it leads to tooth loss.”

Beware of tooth gaps after 16 years of age

In children, it is normal in cases of deciduous teeth and mixed dentition, but continues after 13 years of age. Stating that it should be treated, Dt. Kökdemir said, “Orthodontic treatment of tooth separation can be resolved with fixed orthodontic treatment lasting around 12-18 months” .

He added that thanks to the transparent braces or appliances used today, they can have a comfortable treatment process by gaining an aesthetic appearance throughout the treatment.

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