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Straight teeth possible without braces

Saying that there are basically 3 types of aesthetic treatment options in orthodontic treatments, Hospitadent Dental Hospital Orthodontist Specialist Dr. Erdi İçen gave information about transparent bracket systems.

Aesthetic and less visible

Bracket systems are one of the oldest and most effective systems of orthodontics. Traditional metal brackets are replaced by transparent brackets in patients with high aesthetic expectations. Aesthetic brackets can be made of plastic, sapphire or porcelain. Their biggest advantage is that they are aesthetically pleasing and less visible. However, compared to metal brackets, they have some disadvantages such as extending the treatment period, some coloring with food and drink, and easier breaking and breaking according to material types.

These are treatments performed with completely transparent plaques that individuals can put on and take off during the day without the need for any bonding operations such as brackets. It is one of the biggest advantages of not applying any bonding process to the teeth, not seeing the plaques from the outside during the treatment, and being able to wear and remove them during the day. However, in order for the treatment with transparent plaques to be effective, it must be kept in the mouth for at least 21 hours during the day. The fact that the use of these plaques is under the control of the patient and that the effectiveness of treatment decreases when the duration of use is reduced is one of the biggest disadvantages of treatments with transparent plaques. Although it can be applied to many adult patient groups, clear aligner systems are ineffective especially in cases that require long-term treatment, tooth extraction and severe disorders.

Lingual Orthodontic Systems, on the other hand, stated that dental bracket systems are a form of treatment made by sticking dental bracket systems to the inner side of the tongue, not the outer side of the teeth. İçen noted the following:

“The biggest advantage is that it is not noticed from the outside while undergoing treatment. It is a treatment that is not seen beyond its aesthetic appearance. However, the treatment times are longer than traditional bracket systems, especially the discomfort in the adaptation process of the tongue. One of the biggest disadvantages of these systems is that they are more expensive than traditional methods.

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