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Strengthening immunity: What are the benefits of tail oil? Is tail fat harmful?

Tail fat, which is the most common animal fat, is not consumed by most people due to its heavy smell and taste. However, experts recommend that it be consumed by paying attention to the amount. We have compiled for you those who are curious about tail fat, which has incredible benefits for human health. So what are the benefits of tail oil? Is tail fat harmful?

Tail fat, which is also known as tallow among the people, is found in the tail parts of animals and between the meat. Tail fat used in the food industry has been consumed for centuries. Tail fat, which is the secret of ancient people’s healthy life for many years, was added to the list of the most beneficial healthy oils by American scientists. There is a lot of misinformation among the public about tail fat. The most common of these is that it is harmful. However, 70 percent of tail fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Grazing animals carry all the vitamins and minerals found in nature in their bodies. However, since people are divided in consuming food, they cannot contain all these minerals in their bodies. That’s why they need these nutrients. Because animals store every useful value they take into their bodies by enzymatically. It is also known among the people that tail fat raises cholesterol. Experts, on the other hand, emphasize that this is absolutely false information and that tail fat prevents vascular occlusion, and states that it is a very useful food.

benefits of tail oil


  • It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is recommended to be consumed for bone and muscle development, especially in developmental children.
  • It protects heart health by preventing the nutrient blockage in the veins. It balances blood pressure.
  • It strengthens nerve cells and prevents paralysis, tremor, sciatica and rheumatic diseases.
  • It reduces the number of free radical cells in the body. It makes the immune system more resistant to diseases.
  • Tail oil, which contains skin cells, ensures the renewal of skin cells and provides a more alive and bright appearance for many years.

canan karatay tail oil review


Professor of Heart and Internal Diseases, Doctor Canan Karatay, who brought innovations to the field of health with her striking statements, made a statement that broke the ground. Karatay emphasized that tail fat has incredible benefits.

In addition, the famous doctor revealed the secret of Anatolian people to live healthy for many years. “You should eat the roast with its oil. It should be eaten with the tail fat. Then you will be vigorous and you will go down to the mountains. It will be eaten with egg yolk and plenty of village oil. It will be eaten with tail fat in roasting. This is a custom in Anatolia, tail “They melt the oil and drink it and live until the age of 90-95. It is said that ‘touching the oil causes heart disease.’ Which oil? Trans fats or the oils we call margarine are dangerous. Otherwise, why should the village butter that we have been eating for centuries be dangerous. There was no such thing before, the rumor has just come out.” explained with his words.

is there any harm to the tail fat?


Like any food, excessive consumption causes serious complications in the body. In particular, it paves the way for increased cholesterol and invites cardiovascular diseases. Since it is difficult for older people to digest, experts do not recommend consuming it after a certain age, especially after 40 years of age.

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