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Swim a lot for a healthy spine

Those who haven’t had the opportunity to go on holiday yet, beware! It is of great importance to maintain the health of the spine in order to maintain the balance of the body and have a healthy body. It is known that swimming is the most suitable sport to strengthen the spine. However, swimming can bring some risks when done incorrectly. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist from Central Hospital, Opr. Dr. Can Yapıcı talks about the benefits of swimming on spinal health.

Takes on the task of keeping the body afloat

The spine, which is formed by the merging of 33 vertebrae, is the spine that helps to gather all the nerves going to the brain and keeps the human body upright. It is described as a structure with a holding task. Weakening of the muscles on the spine can cause various diseases. One of the sports that can be the most comfortable solution to the problems of these diseases is stated as swimming. Swimming, which strengthens the bones and muscle system, ensures that the spine has an upright structure. Since sports that affect the body balance in one direction, such as weight lifting, can damage the spine, swimming takes the first place among sports types.

It occurs as a result of different reasons

The causes of spinal diseases vary according to the type of the disease. While genetic factors lie under scoliosis diseases and spinal curvature, bad habits such as nutrition and smoking-alcohol in degenerative spine diseases, primary disease factor in osteoporotic vertebral fractures, difficult living conditions and unconscious sports practices are effective in disc diseases.

Take these symptoms seriously

Spinal diseases are most common in elderly individuals, osteoporotic patients, people with a family history of scoliosis or kyphosis It is seen in people with congenital anomalies and in people who are in an intense working tempo. If there is pain radiating from the waist to the legs, from the neck to the arms, if there is numbness in the hands and legs, if there is an imbalance in the shoulders, if there is an unsteady posture, and if an asymmetry is observed in the breast, it is necessary to suspect spinal diseases and seek professional support.

Swimming relieves muscle pain

Approximately 4 weeks after starting swimming, the body muscles enter the growth and development phase called hypertrophy. . In the following process, the person starts to stand upright as the muscles become stronger and the bone structure to which it is attached becomes more comfortable. Alleviating pains improve the patient’s quality of life. However, quitting sports can cause the muscles to return to their former painful state.

It is more common in women

According to the results of the research, spinal disorders, which are more common in women, usually occur due to hormonal or genetic reasons. Osteoporosis and osteoporotic vertebral fractures, known as weakening of the bone structure, can be significantly reduced by regular nutrition and swimming. In degenerative spine diseases, in addition to genetic causes, the patient’s nutritional habits, smoking and sports habits also have a significant impact.

Be careful while swimming

Swimming, which has a great chance to be performed in holiday resorts during the summer months, can endanger health if not taken care of. Careless jumps made at shallow sea levels can cause serious injuries to the spine, as well as injuries that result in paralysis.

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