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Symptoms of bipolar disorder

The condition, also known as manic-depressive disorder, is a psychological disorder that prevents the person’s mood, energy and concentration from performing daily activities.

Bipolar disorder is when a person feels very good at one time and the opposite the next.

One of the most distinctive features of bipolar disorder is the extreme mood of the person. When the situation is at its highest, the two become hyperactive and feel extremely happy. However, when the situation becomes depression, the person closes himself to the outside world. It is also known that this situation led to suicide.

Bipolar disorder can be passed on through genetic transmission, or it can occur due to traumas that the person experiences in the rest of his life.

People with bipolar disorder experience this situation in 2 phases, mania and depressive episodes.

During the mania period, the person may not notice this discomfort. After the mania period passes, the questioning phase of behavior occurs. Patients often realize their illness with the warnings of the people around them.

These individuals may have interesting feelings such as seeing, hearing or smelling things that are not there during periods of mania and depression.

What are the symptoms

Manic episode symptoms

-Extreme joy


-Alcohol use

-Little sleep

-Difficulty focusing

– Hallucinations


-Increased sexual urges


in the depressive period

– Desire to sleep for a long time


-Difficulty in concentration

-Don’t feel guilty

-state of despair

-Do not doubt

– Delusions

– Suicidal thoughts


Bipolar disorder

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