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Tanyeli had gastric sleeve surgery! He went under the knife for his weight…

Tanyeli, who marked a period with her dances, went under the knife to get rid of her extra pounds and had a sleeve gastrectomy.

The famous oriental Tanyeli, who had difficulties in recognizing with the weight she gained, finally found the solution with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Tanyeli, who settled in Australia with his wife İlker Sunneli, came to Turkey to have stomach surgery when he saw 99 kilos.

Tanyeli announced that her surgery was successful by sharing a photo taken while walking with her husband on social media:

“Loves from Bursa. It’s been 20 days since my stomach surgery, we got through the hardest easily. I have now started to eat purees of all kinds of vegetables and continue my daily walks for half an hour, this photo is from my walk with my wife. The most important thing that made the post-surgery process easier for me was prayers. At this time, my prayers are for the good of the whole and for us.”


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