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The agenda of the world in health “Dental Detox”

Unless harmful microorganisms are treated in the mouth, where digestion begins, direct dental health and indirectly digestive health are adversely affected. The dental detox method, which removes the metal particles that will come out of the mouth when removing the amalgam filling with special sheaths, provides the person to breathe with an oxygen tube by giving vitamin C cure, also shows that the world attaches great importance to detox.

Experts point out that dental detox should be done together with alkaline nutrition, which is a type of nutrition aimed at maintaining the body’s pH balance. In this sense, Güzin Kırsaçlıoğlu, one of the four Turkish members of the European Association of Dentists (EAED), states that it is essential to undergo dental detox even before the decision to become pregnant.

Massage effect on the gums

Unhealthy diet causes the reproduction and accumulation of various toxins in the body, and without going into dental detox, that is, bruises and bruises in the mouth. Without the treatment of impacted teeth, other detox treatments may not be fully effective. Dt. Güzin Kırsaçlıoğlu: “Dental detox starts with brushing teeth that people do every day. This daily care routine for oral and dental health should not be interrupted. However, it is necessary to brush teeth at least 15 minutes after eating, because brushing teeth immediately after eating, It facilitates decay by spreading the acidic saliva between all the teeth. Food and drinks we take from outside also play an important role in protecting dental health. For example, while consuming beverages such as green tea and sage, dental barriers are protected, consuming fruits such as kiwi and strawberries have a massage effect on the gums.

Detox begins in the mouth

In short, detox begins in the mouth first.In this sense, dentistry with the developing technology metal-containing fillings and coatings in its products have been replaced by non-toxic materials.It directly affects our health by entering the dental detox. We have to give our mouth the attention it deserves.”


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