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The best exercises for women over 40

Serkan Sıtkı Şahin /

Some exercises are better for middle-aged women than others. It’s important to stay active, but moving towards low-impact, high-intensity exercise can help our bodies stay active, fit, and healthy without putting pressure on the joints. For this purpose, there are exercises for women over 40 to keep the metabolism high and the heart healthy.

1. Rowing

Rowing is a great cardio activity that, when done right, helps develop better posture and strong muscles. Make sure your toes point up throughout the rowing motion and keep your back straight. Spread your legs 20 degrees apart and reach back. Then bend the knees and simultaneously pull the arms to pull yourself forward. If you are someone who suffers from lower body pain, rowing can be a great alternative to keep the cardiovascular system healthy and strengthen the whole body.

2. Cycling

Cycling indoors or out is low-impact, high-intensity cardio. Cycling, both indoors and outdoors, can produce great results when done correctly. A seat that is too low can cause injuries to the knee and hip joints, while a seat that is too high can cause injuries to the shoulders and back.

When cycling indoors, your knee should be slightly bent towards the bottom of the pedal. Outdoor enthusiasts should keep their knees slightly bent and not over-stretching. Make sure to keep your torso upright on both indoor and outdoor bikes.

3. Swimming

Swimming is an ideal exercise for all ages. But for older people, you can try backstroke instead of freestyle to relieve back pressure. Maintain consistency to increase resistance and make your strokes more effective.

4. Try martial arts

Martial arts make many people feel stronger. Boxing is a great low-impact, high-intensity workout that helps sculpt your upper body without lifting any weights. Get a large pair of gloves made from a natural material. Start slow and get help from a professional to help you make this workout easier.

In addition to cardiovascular training, strength and flexibility training should be included in your training plan. Cardiovascular exercises strengthen the heart. Strength and flexibility exercises, on the other hand, improve muscle and joint health and help provide ease of movement. Establish an exercise program to keep your metabolism high and prevent weight gain as you age.

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