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The best toothpaste and the best brush vary from person to person.

Dt.Pertev Kökdemir, who said that the most effective way to remove bacterial plaque and food residues from the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of the teeth is the correct brushing of the teeth, said that the prevention of caries and gum disease can be achieved with a continuous and good oral care. Dt.Kökdemir explained the correct tooth brushing methods as follows:

”Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the tooth-gum junction, taking care to keep the bristles of your brush in the same place, drawing small circles. move, repeat the same movement on each tooth for 10 seconds, clean the inner and outer surfaces of your lower and upper teeth with the same method, do not forget to brush your tongue and be careful not to brush your teeth too hard.

Stating that teeth can be damaged if the correct method is not used, Dt.Pertev Kökdemir said, “Hard and wrong brushing technique; gingival recession, tooth decay. It causes loss of substances and sensitivity on the surface. In addition, when correct cleaning is not provided, it becomes difficult to prevent caries and gingival diseases.” said.

Dt.Kökdemir, who stated that the products approved and recommended by the dentist should be purchased when choosing a toothbrush, said that the answer to the question of which is the best toothpaste and the best toothbrush will vary according to the person’s oral condition. expressed. Dt.Kökdemir, ”Toothbrushes; They differ in size, shape, arrangement of bristles, hardness and length. Soft and medium hard brushes should be chosen with small heads, dense bristles, rounded bristle ends, straight-cut bristle bundles. Thus, it is easier to reach and clean between the teeth and all parts of the mouth. It is recommended to change the toothbrush every 3-4 months on average.” explained.

Dental floss use

Dt.Kökdemir, who made explanations about how to use dental floss, ‘ ‘Tooth brushing only cleans two-thirds of tooth surfaces. For this reason, cleaning the bacterial plaque that will form between the teeth that is not cleaned requires special care. Since dental caries and gingival diseases especially start in these areas, dental floss should be used regularly every day. Flossing should be done after brushing.

Dental floss is wrapped around the middle finger of both hands and used with the help of thumb and index finger. The rope between your two fingers should not be longer than 1 cm. Thus, you provide full control, you do not hurt or damage your gums. Pass the floss between your teeth with slow and controlled movements. Avoid hard and sudden movements that will injure your gums. Move the floss back and forth, up and down to draw a c around each tooth and clean the interface.’ ‘ he emphasized the importance of using rope.

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