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The countries that eat the most in the world have been revealed! Türkiye drew attention with its ranking

When it comes to food, Turkey always manages to make a name for itself with its countless flavors. A worldwide study proves this. Oxford University conducts research on 184 member countries of the United Nations (UN) and determines the countries that eat the most in the world.

Oxford University ranked the countries that eat the most, based on the calorie consumption of 184 member countries of the United Nations (UN). Turkey is at the top of this list. OurWordlnData, located in the UK, was announcing their menu, while Bahrain in the first place surprised everyone. At the same time, the Arab country drew attention by exceeding the 4 thousand calorie threshold. America took the second place in the sharing of the site. Turkey managed to make a name for itself in the ranking.

The countries that eat the most in the world have been revealed!


In the study, in which Turkey ranks 5th with an average of 3,762 calories, it was stated that excessive consumption of food was caused by reasons such as unproductive sleep patterns, long-term work, exposure to light pollution and leading a stressful life.

Türkiye ranked 5th



In the study, it was noted that excessive food consumption is the first cause of obesity, and the number of cases worldwide, which was 175 million in 1970, has reached 1 billion today. In the study, which drew attention to the danger of increasing obesity rates, it was stated that the disease in question could cause hypertension, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and other health problems. It was noted that although the calories of the food increase day by day, the nutritional elements decrease, and the result is that people start to eat more to get more useful nutrients.

Here are the countries that consume the most, according to the data shared by OurWordlnData;

  • Bahrain – 4,012.45 kcal
  • USA – 3,868.28 kcal
  • Ireland – 3,850.50 kcal
  • Belgium – 3,824.21 kcal
  • Türkiye – 3,762.08 kcal
  • Austria – 3,738.94 kcal
  • Germany – 3,647.81 kcal
  • Italy – 3,620.56 kcal7
  • Qatar – 3,609.15 kcal
  • Romania – 3,599.76 kcal
  • France – 3,581.54 kcal
  • Israel – 3,570.94 kcal
  • Canada – 3,569.14 kcal

The data of the research was obtained from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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